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Modeling For Success

WRMA has provided modeling services to clients from the public and private sectors ranging from large state entities such as the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to private property developers and property management companies. Whether your organization is developing new real estate or thinking of investing in upgrades for an existing residential/commercial stormwater drainage system, WRMA can facilitate the decision making process by modeling multiple scenarios to ensure that cost-effective and functional solutions are on the table for consideration. Ultimately, your organization can save a good deal of time, effort and capital by considering hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) modeling when evaluating the cost versus benefits of performing drainage upgrades.

Advanced Modeling Capabilities

Typically, few engineering firms have the capability to perform this type of design entirely in-house. WRMA's modeling capabilities range from the more basic and well known modeling suites like HEC-RAS, ICPR and MikeUrban to lesser known and more advanced 2-D and hydrodynamic modeling. Furthermore, WRMA's GIS & Remote Sensing capabilities further distinguish itself from more traditional engineering design firms. From surface water, to groundwater and seepage modeling, our experienced engineering team can model a large variety of scenarios. This in-house capability provides tremendous value to our clients by allowing them to investigate hundreds of potential possibilities for their project site without having to spend the money to build out their vision only to learn that the outcome was not what they expected, or the level of service was not up to par. Contact us to learn more about WRMA's modeling capabilities.

Water Resources Modeling Services

  • Hydraulic Performance Evaluations of Stormwater Collection Systems

  • Sanitary Sewer Hydraulic Modeling and Analysis

  • 100-Year (BFE) Floodplain Modeling and Analysis

  • Evaluation of Flood Insurance Claims for Public/Private Entities

  • Contaminant Transport Groundwater Modeling

  • Hydraulic Modeling and Design of Open Channels

  • Hydraulic Modeling and Design of Culverts

  • Bridge Hydraulic Modeling and Design

  • 2-D Hydrodynamic Modeling For Tidal Basins

  • Irrigation System Modeling

  • Seepage Modeling

Modeling Suites

USACE Hydrologic Modeling System

USACE One-Dimensional River Analysis System Model

USACE Flood Damage Analysis Package

Urban Damage Analysis Model

USGS/USFHA Bridge Waterways Analysis Model

USGS Water Surface Profile Model

USEPA Hydrologic, Hydraulic, Water Quality Model

Hydrologic, Hydraulic, Water Quality Model

Quasi-Two Dimensional Hydraulic Model

Finite Element Surface Water Modeling System

River/estuary Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model

Groundwater Model

Seepage Modeling Suite

Soil and Water Assessment Tool Water Quality Model

In-stream Water Quality Model

Field Scale NPS Water Quality Model

Agricultural Stormwater Analysis & Management Program

Non-Point Source Water Quality Model