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Drainage Design for A New Era

Over the last two decades, the practice of stormwater management has evolved due to research and development, tighter environmental regulation and a sharp decrease in available real estate in dense metropolitan and suburban areas. As a water resources engineering firm since 1997, WRMA has evolved its design practices with the changing times to take advantage of powerful new tools in both environmental science and modeling capabilities in order to offer its clients design alternatives that effectively manage stormwater in both quantity and quality. Since the introduction of green infrastructure and the emergence of a national emphasis on low impact development (LID), municipalities and developers are now seeking to achieve both greater storage capacity and treatment using a variety of proven best management practices (BMPs). WRMA’s engineering team consists of drainage professionals who are experienced in blending traditional stormwater management practices with green infrastructure measures to produce environmentally sustainable designs that provide a high level of service, cost efficiencies in O&M and functional reliability.

Stormwater Management Clients and Design Services

WRMA provides stormwater management design and inspection services for water management districts, property management firms, the waste management industry, private commercial real estate development, and municipal/institutional authorities at the county, state and federal levels. Our clients have the benefit of having our experienced stormwater professionals to guide them throughout the entire project life cycle beginning with project development and conceptual planning. During this phase, WRMA's site investigation and modeling capabilities can answer a lot of those early questions concerning required capacity and stormwater runoff quantities. For large infrastructure and development projects, WRMA's engineering team is experienced in working independent of or as part of larger sub-consultant design-build teams. WRMA's services during the design phase include final siting of proposed structures and production of contract drawings including plan and profiles of existing and proposed utilities. Additionally, during the construction phase WRMA can provide construction support services including field engineering, erosion and sediment control inspections and construction observation monitoring.

Dealing with Sporadic Drainage Issues

Consistent sporadic flooding can be a very troublesome and costly affair for property managers if left unchecked and usually leads to complaints from homeowners, tenants and customers while exposing the property owner to serious liability in the event of a water damage or safety incident. While some drainage issues can be easily addressed, in general the older the facility the higher the likelihood that a serious hydraulic defect could be developing in the stormwater collection system. For facilities that are experiencing consistent drainage issues with their existing stormwater management systems, WRMA's inspectors are experts in identifying and diagnosing systematic weaknesses in defected or failing stormwater collection systems. WRMA has a successful track record in the development and execution of sewer rehabilitation, repair and retrofit projects which prolong the life of existing stormwater collection systems, thereby maximizing the value of capital resources while reducing annual Operations & Maintenance (O&M) costs.

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