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Certified Inspections for Stormwater Collection Systems

WRMA has been a provider of stormwater management system inspection and assessment services throughout the State of Florida since 1997. As a water resources engineering firm, WRMA understands the vital function stormwater management infrastructure plays in the day to day operations of facilities and residential communities. WRMA's seasoned inspectors and engineers recognize the time-sensitive challenges stormwater drainage issues can present for property and facility managers. Furthermore, WRMA's inspectors and engineers are certified by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as well as the Florida Stormwater Association to conduct inspections of stormwater management collection systems. WRMA provides inspection and assessment services for a variety of stormwater collection system structures and various client objectives.

Stormwater Collection System Inspection and Certification for Real Estate

For individuals who have recently acquired commercial real estate, certain jurisdictions may require inspection and certification for properties with stormwater management systems that are in excess of 20 years old. WRMA provides inspection and certification services of stormwater management systems and can provide numerous additional services such as cleaning and rehabilitation if necessary.

Five/Ten Year Stormwater Collection System Inspections

WRMA recommends that residential, commercial and public facility/property managers perform inspection and maintenance of stormwater collection systems every five to ten years to maintain hydraulic capacity and efficient management of stormwater runoff. Performing periodic inspections and providing maintenance for your system can prolong the service life of your system and reduce the potential for flooding of your property.

Stormwater Collection System Inspection for Reported Drainage Issues

As with anything else, stormwater management systems degrade with age and can develop a variety of defects over time. Suspected defects can be visible from ground level while other defects may be unseen affecting multiple buried pipe or catch basin elements of the system. WRMA is experienced in identifying and addressing various defects reported by property managers and facility managers, including but not limited to:

  • Collapsed Culvert Pipes

  • Clogged Inlets and Pipes

  • Dry Stormwater Ponds

  • Overflowing Stormwater Ponds

  • Eroding Stormwater Ponds

  • Failing or Old Riser Pipes

  • Exposed Manholes or Catch Basins

  • Flooded Parking Lots

  • Flooded Recreational Facilities

  • Flooded Residential Entrances

  • Poor Roadway Drainage

  • Dry Stormwater Wells

  • Overflowing Manholes or Catch Basins