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Inspection Services for Erosion and Sediment Control

WRMA is a provider of stormwater management erosion and sediment control inspections for contruction sites to ensure compliance with state environmental regulations. Additionally, WRMA's engineers specialize in erosion and sediment control plan design and review and can provide guidance to construction organizations regarding a variety of erosion and sediment control BMP's including pollution source controls, stabilized contstruction entrances (SCE's), perimeter controls, storm drain inlet protection and temporary sediment traps.

Vegetative Bank Stabilization Design and Inspection Services

In addition to stormwater management inspections, WRMA also specializes in bank stabilization practices. WRMA's inspection and engineering team are experienced in the design of stabilization measures which incorporate both vegetative and synthetic stabilization matting alternatives. Additionally, WRMA provides post-construction monitoring inspection services to ensure vegetative recovery and stabilization of embankments for streams, drainage channels and roadways.

NPDES and SWPPP Regulatory Compliance Review

In addition to WRMA's erosion and sediment control inspections services for stormwater management from construction sites, WRMA also provides compliance reviews to ensure that any stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP's) are correctly formatted, displayed on site and provide the required descriptions of selected BMPs to be implemented. WRMA's engineering team can also review and ensure that a SWPPP plan has been developed and implemented for each construction site identified in the construction general permit and has been prepared in accordance with sound engineering and erosion and sediment control practices.

FDEP/MDE Certified Inspection Services

WRMA engineers and inspectors are certified in stormwater management and erosion and sediment control best management practices through the Florida Deparment of Environmental Protection and the Maryland Department of the Environment.